Rome Stalefish

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Gather ‘round young boarders and listen close. Hear the tale of the Rome Stalefish as if recounting in Norse legend. The Stalefish is a board fit for Viking warriors of intermediate to advanced skill. Its directional shape and setback stance grant you the power to conquer the mountains risen from the sea and ride like a true champion.

The Fusion Camber technology of the Stalefish blends the power of the gods themselves, with positive camber between the bindings that bestows upon thee great pop and edge hold and a nose and tail rocker that gives thee the ability to float over the softest snow like a longboat on the waves. With a medium flex that is as firm as a shield but as forgiving as a good mead, the Stalefish is the perfect board for those seeking to navigate any snowstorm with confidence and ease. And let us not forget the SinterSpeed Base, made from the same materials as Thor’s mighty hammer, it grants the speed and durability to charge through the snow like a wild boar.

So, whether you seek to conquer the steepest mountains or ride with the winds through the forest, the Rome SDS Stalefish snowboard is the weapon you need to emerge victorious, as mighty as any Viking who has come before you. Skol! – Mike Basher

sizes: 151, 154, 157, 160
MSRP: $559.95

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