The Never Summer Harpoon is an unsuspecting beast with a host of subtleties that make riding it an incredible experience. The first is Fusion Camber, which offers reverse camber between the bindings (which gives the Harpoon incredible maneuverability); a short, positive camber section in the nose with early rise (which helps with flotation in softer snow); and positive camber behind the back binding (which packs a solid punch in the tail). The Harpoon is nimble, but powerful—an absolute killer. It’s one of those boards that feels right in any situation. The slightly tapered shape and set-back stance of the Harpoon help it find its way down the mountain, seeking out every bit of terrain you can demolish. It breeds confidence immediately and is just as at home maching down steeps as it is weaving through tight trees and mobbing park laps.

p: Mike Basher

Like any other Never Summer board, the Harpoon has a very dampened feel to it. It absorbs chatter and effortlessly muscles through turns, doing most of the work for you. You can ride the Harpoon a few centimeters shorter than your normal board, which makes it feel more nimble when things get dicey and you need to make split-second decisions and adjustments. Altogether, this thing is tailored to build confidence and is an absolute quiver killer. The Harpoon is also available in a women’s-specific model in a 144 and 148. – Mike Basher and TJ Kern

Never Summer Men’s Harpoon – $619.99
sizes: 148, 152, 156, 159

Never Summer Women’s Harpoon – $589.99
sizes: 144, 148

p: Mike Basher

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