Where are you headed on your winter break? Breckenridge? Jackson Hole? Stowe? Wherever you go, you want to make sure you’re geared up for shopping, dining, and experiencing the nightlife around town after you’re done snowboarding. Once the sun goes down, it can get pretty cold, or hopefully, it snows. Either way, you’ll want to pack and plan for being off the mountain in the same fashion as you do for being on it. Below are some streetwear provisions we recommend for hitting up the town.

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Dakine Underwood Flannel


Ah yes, the trusty flannel. You want one that fits nicely, will keep you warm, and shows that you care about your appearance — but not too much. The Dakine Underwood Flannel is the one to take with you. It has Polygeine® Odor Control technology so when you’re dancing it up you don’t scare away the ladies, front chest pockets with a button-down flap for you to store your hotel keycard in a place where you won’t lose it, and a soft, cozy flannel fabric that won’t make you itch.

Buy now: $70

Coal Tracker

Coal-The Tracker

The Coal Tracker has the cool look of a rounded fitted cap with embroidered detailing, and will actually keep your noggin warm. The earflaps are lined with fleece, while the inside of the cap has soft flannel. If you’re feeling a wee bit too toasty, tie the flaps up at the top of the cap, and if you’re feeling a little chilly tie them together at the bottom. If you’re after a laid-back look, let the ear flaps just chill on the sides without any tying. However you choose to style your Tracker, rest assured knowing you’ll be on trend.

Buy now: $40

Airblaster Bruiser Jacket

airblaster-bruiser jacket

After a powder-filled shred sesh, let your puffy hang up to dry and opt for the tailored Airblaster Bruiser Jacket when you stroll around. This coach’s jacket has got all the street style you need to break necks, while it’s 10k breathability and quality canvas outer gives it the kind of durability that’s necessary for catching last-minute buses, taking the snow skate out, and marching around in the streets. It’s also been treated with DWR, so if it starts to snow, you’ll stay dry as you rejoice and thank the snow gods.

Buy now: $79.99

Sunski Avila Sunglasses

Sunski Avila

When it comes to post-snowboard adventures, if you’re in a sunny state, they’re best enjoyed with some eye protection. What do people look at while bonding over all those epic turns from earlier on the mountain? Your eyes. The Sunski Avila sunglasses are sure to give you some extra steeze points while preventing your eyes from having to squint — an unfortunate occurrence that’s caused by beautiful apres snowboard sunsets. The lenses are polarized so you can see your surroundings in hi-def, and the frames are flexible so they can fit every head shape. We also love that Sunski provides a “no-matter-what” lifetime warranty, so if you go for that jay-walk you shouldn’t have gone for and accidentally slip, fall, and break your sunnies, then you can easily get a replacement.

Buy now: $58

DUER Jeans

DUER jeans

DUER dubs themselves “denim for the adventurous”, and their jeans are literally water-repellent. They’re available in mens and womens, and when you work up a sweat — say bowling, at the indoor skate park, or hiking to the frozen waterfall — you won’t feel your own moisture attach to your apparel. On the other hand, if moisture comes knocking from the outside in the form of our favorite H20 substance snow, then it won’t sink in your jeans and leave your legs feeling damp either. DUER jeans include silver ions which naturally repel bacteria and keep your jeans clean so you don’t have to worry about washing them mid-way through your trip. Plus they’re five times more stretchy than traditional jeans, so if you’re one to wear jeans under your snowpants, you won’t feel restricted or have to worry about getting rips in the crotch. Last but not least, they’re 30% lighter and stronger than most jeans, so they can’t be blamed for added weight in your luggage.


Vans Storm Raglan Pullover Hoodie


You can’t head to the mountains without a hoodie to keep cozy in during the downtime. The Vans Storm Raglan Pullover Hoodie is one that you won’t want to leave at home. But what can make a seemingly simple hoodie stand out from the rest? A lot. The Storm Raglan has Vans Storm Cotton water-repellent finish, reflective print details, two zippered pockets, and a hidden interior media pocket to safely store your phone. Rock it alone, or layer it up with a flannel underneath and a jacket over it.

Buy now: $69.50

Forsake Alma Boots


Ladies, tired of trashing all your boots and sneakers among the black ice and slush that come with the joys of being in the mountains? Let us introduce to you, the Forsake Alma Boots. The rubber Peak-to-Pavement™ outsole on the bottom of these boots means better grip and less slip down icy sidewalks, while the waterproof and durable leathers on the outsole prevent snow from getting inside and allow them to really keep their shape. You’ll notice the high-ankle silhouette gives post-snowboarding legs the support they need, no matter where you decide to run off to. Meanwhile, the 2-inch internal wedge provides a feminine touch and a little extra height for seeing over everyone at that outdoor concert or inside the jam-packed bar you might head to for a late night happy hour.

Buy now: $149.95

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