Are you sick and tired of struggling with stubborn boot laces? All that mess. The yanking. The pulling! OUCH! Enough is enough!

Lucky for you, there’s a better option!

Introducing BOA!!! Ride Snowboards uses BOA on 19 models of their boots. 

Why? When paired with Ride’s ultimate heel retention system, called Tongue Tied, and The Closer, which Ride uses to snug down the forefoot of all of their BOA-equipped boots, you’ve got yourself a perfect pairing.

Here’s how it works. Throughout most of their line, Ride Snowboards uses BOA’s TX3 lace, an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene core with a polyester weave. It’s similar to climbing rope, with a tensile strength of 171 pounds! That’s 78 kg, for our international viewers. It’s tough, and holds on for dear life.

Ride has developed The Closer, a lace guide in the forefoot of each BOA-equipped Ride boot which more effectively distributes tension over the lower area of the boot, for an un-BOA-lievable fit! 

But that’s not all! Ride radically revamped retention by outfitting their Tongue Tied system with BOA M+2 reels. If heel lift is causing you grief, look no further. With Tongue Tied, you can kiss that dreaded heel lift goodbye. 

But wait! For quick slack management, there’s the Coiler, which is spring-loaded to automatically take up cable slack for a quicker, more tidy lacification. No muss, and you guessed it, no fuss.

Ride has made BOA available in Triple Zone, Dual-Zone and single-zone systems for a perfectly dialed-in fit.

Act fast! Available for an unlimited time.