Instagram: @emisgnar
Home Resort:
Mulligans Hollow
Current Resort:
Trollhaugen, WI
Years on the Job:

Currently listening to: Cherry Glazer, Greta van Fleet, Destroy Boys, A Tribe called Quest, and The Mystic Braves

Favorite thing about being on park crew: The entire process is exciting! Sitting down as a team brainstorming something creative, putting in hours of hard work to shape it, and then watching it come to life. It’s so rewarding when everyone shows up the next day to ride after a reset. There’s this contagious electricity in the air which adds to the fun of riding

Words of wisdom: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Even if you think it might be silly. Be prepared to work hard in all weather conditions. Eating healthy and staying in shape during the summer will help you out a ton when it’s finally time to push snow.

Meet the other female builders at Take the Rake at Trollhaugen 2021.