Instagram: @sk8tits
Home Resort:
Mt. Holiday
Current Resort:
Brighton, UT
Years on the Job:
12 or so

Currently listening to: podcasts, audio books (Star Wars Thwarn Trilogy is dope), Slayer, Sabbath, metal…

Favorite thing about being on park crew: Having an idea, building it, riding it, reassessing it, making it better, riding it some more. Coming out with a photo or clip that I’m hyped on, on something I dreamed up and built. Watching other people ride the same feature in a different way, and blowing my mind.

Words of wisdom: Commit. Just fucking do it, no matter what. If you put your heart into it, it will happen. When I started digging to ride at High Cascade there were NO female diggers. The last female digger was Janna Meyen, at least five years prior. My friends asked why the fuck I dug to rode because they would never hire a girl. I kept my head down and kept digging because I loved it–and even if I never got hired, I was still digging. The next summer, after digging to ride all of session 1, Corey McDonald offered me the job. I wasn’t great at snowboarding, didn’t have a lot of experience digging, my attire was NOT cool or in fashion. I was a “Gov’y lurker” and didn’t have cool friends vouching for me. C-Mac hired me because I showed up early and worked hard. If you put your heart into it, good things will happen.

Meet the other female builders at Take the Rake at Trollhaugen 2021.