Built to the unique details of the face, the I/O MAG Imprint 3D Goggle offers unsurpassed fit  

Portland, Oregon (October 11, 2022) –Smith, the global leader in snow goggles, is excited to relaunch Imprint 3D Technology for Winter 22/23. Live now on smithoptics.com, Imprint 3D Technology addresses the vast range of face shapes and features while eliminating the one-size fits all approach to gear. The custom experience provides increased all-day comfort, elimination of light leak due to improper fit, removal of pressure points or hot spots, and an expanded field of view.

Available now, Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D goggle is the first custom goggle built to the individualized features of a person’s face. Utilizing Smith’s custom app, users scan their face to capture their unique details and contours. Through Smith’s patent-pending Imprint 3D Technology, an individualized frame is automatically generated with a face flange tailored to the exact surfaces of the user’s face. The customized frame is 3D printed, using HP’s industrial Multi Jet Fusion platform, then hand assembled into the best-selling Smith I/O MAG goggle in Smith’s USA-based production facility and delivered within 14 days.

The Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D goggle features Smith’s proprietary ChromaPop™ branded lens uniquely tuned to deliver the ultimate in visibility and clarity beyond normal capabilities by amplifying natural color and enhancing definition. The lenses can be quickly swapped out through the patent-pending and proprietary Smith MAG technology that integrates strong, weatherproof magnets and dual locking mechanisms to quickly adapt to varying light conditions with the confidence of lens security.

Available exclusively within North America on smithoptics.com, the Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D goggle ($450) includes the custom created Smith I/O MAG frame, two proprietary ChromaPop™ branded snow lenses, a protective hardcase, gogglesoc™ supplied lens protector and microfiber bag.