2016 Snowboard Gear

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Photos by Kyle Kennedy

For most media and retailers, Vancouver’s KNOWSHOW is the first opportunity to get the inside scoop on what’s coming for 2016 snowboard gear and this year revealed some pretty big ideas being cooked up from multiple brands. While details are still emerging on many of these products, this first look at what we can expect from companies like Dinosaurs Will Die, Gnu, Never Summer and RIDE has us optimistic for the immediate future of snowboarding innovation.

Possibly the most exciting trend is the introduction of The Clark S.I.Y. from YES. Snowboards and Lib Tech’s own DIY offering, the McBlank. What these boards offer the consumer is an opportunity to get creative with shape, size and the overall feel that you’re looking for in a powder board. Lacking metal edges, these boards aren’t designed for everyday riding per-se, but on those days when it’s puking outside it makes for a fun alternative board that you customize to your own style. That’s some serious freedom of expression for the average rider that we are itching to explore.

Fix Binding Co. is the newcomer of the show, boasting a non-traditional concept based on a quick-change baseplate system. How it works is rather than unmounting and remounting the same binding between multiple boards, you have several baseplates that remain attached to your snowboards and allow you to easily swap rides on the fly, something that will likely be welcoming to people who frequently switch decks based on conditions or preferred riding style.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive report on the new 2016 snowboard gear during Snowboard Mag’s coverage of the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado from January 29th to February 1st.


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