The Colorado 54: Collectively climbing the 14ers in one day

It is a powerful feeling to stand on top of the world. Mountains have an indescribable energy, an aura of might focused at their apex where one can stand and experience their immense power. There is nothing like it. So to magnify that feeling across the entire state on every peak that crosses the dignified threshold of 14,000 feet is something truly extraordinary.

In the early morning of August 2, 540 people in teams of ten will begin the ascent on each Colorado 14er with the goal of each person to reach their respective summit by the end of the day. The Colorado 54 is an event born from the mission of Second Mile Water, a non-profit organization based in Boulder, CO that is going to use the proceeds of the climb to bring clean, safe drinking water to 1000 families in Nicaragua. Each Summit Team is tasked with raising $450.00 through their social channels, a small amount to pay for two families to never have to worry about dirty water ever again.

This is one of the biggest mountaineering events in Colorado’s history, and the opportunity to make a positive impact in someone’s life is nothing short of incredible. Get the full scoop below, we hope to see you in the mountains.


From The Colorado 54:

This year Colorado will become home to one of the most unique outdoor adventure challenge events in recent history. Early in the morning on August 2nd, over 500 men and women across the state will lace up their hiking boots and hit the trails leading to the top of each of Colorado’s 14ers. Each participant will be attempting to climb one 14er with their Summit Team, and the goal of the event is for the group to collectively climb all 54 of these peaks within a 24 hour timespan.

The fundraising event, billed The Colorado 54, is orchestrated by Boulder non-profit Second Mile Water. The organization hopes to provide over 1,000 families in Nicaragua access to clean, safe drinking water with the proceeds. With 54 mountains to climb and 540 spots for climbers, The Colorado 54 will set a record as the biggest mountain event of its kind as the group seeks to summit the most 14ers within the shortest amount of time. Each participant may join a Summit Team or start their own, and is asked to raise enough money through their own personalized online campaign page to bring clean water to two families in need by crowdfunding $450 through their social networks.

“With The Colorado 54, success will not only be seeing teams wave their summit flags on Ascent Day, but knowing that for each participant climbing with us, waving that flag means that two families in Nicaragua will gain permanent access to safe drinking water,” said Travis Ramos, founder of Second Mile Water. “We’ve been working hard all winter to put together an event that not only has a huge impact, but also allows our participants to become part of a bigger community and make a few unforgettable memories together.”

Climbing a mountain is a small price to give people fresh water. Climbing a mountain is a small price to give people fresh water.

The event is in partnership with Leave No Trace and sponsored by Patagonia Boulder as well as Prana and Newton Running. Registration opens on May 1st, and is limited to the first 540 registrants. Each participant will also have the opportunity to win prizes for epic 14er achievements (such as the ‘Best Dance Moves above 14,000 Feet” award), including a round trip for two to Nicaragua as well as coveted mountaineering gear donated by sponsors.

To be the the first to hear about the latest Colorado 54 news, contests, and exclusives, like the ‘54 at, follow them on Instagram @TheColorado54, or lace up your boots and sign up (before it’s sold out) at


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