David Benedek’s “Current State: Snowboarding” book

Words: Sarah Owen

For two decades snowboarder (of Robot Food fame), filmmaker (“91 Words for Snow”), designer and now, publisher David Benedek has been immersed in the world of snowboarding and constantly thinking about where it is and where it’s headed. This, along with the desire to “meet rad people and compile cool samples of snowboarding,” led him to create the recently released, limited edition book “Current State: Snowboarding.”

The design alone makes the book worthy of your coffee table. Two full-sized books are interconnected at the back cover so that each page can be viewed as two mind-blowing double page spreads. Inside the book is a comprehensive look at the current culture of snowboarding via 450 pages of stunning images, a timeline of freestyle tricks and 23 scrupulously selected interviews.

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Usual suspects, Terje Haakonsen and Jake Burton are featured interviewees, but less obvious interviewees like 80’s pro Shaun Palmer and youngsters Jed Anderson and Danny Davis also lend their perspectives. So how did Benedek narrow down his selection of subjects? “It’s people who represent the snowboarding culture I associate myself with. It’s basically the tribe I want to belong to,” he says.

"Curent State: Snowboarding" case and cover | Photos courtesy of David Benedek

Even with the help of his tribe, 23 men strong, Benedek hasn’t come up with a conclusive answer to the question, What is the current state of snowboarding?, but he has arrived at this:

“It’s surprisingly evident how healthy snowboarding’s culture currently is and how many cool things are happening underneath the surface. [Snowboarding] is very much alive and kicking, we just get blindsided by some of the mainstream coating sometimes. I do anyway.”

Of the 2,000 copies printed 1,000 were pre-booked. Do yourself a favor and order your copy right here, right now: almostanything.com


More Info About The Book

"Current State: Snowboarding" is a book that compiles some of the most prominent individuals and images of snowboarding´s past three decades.

450 pages thick and made up from two interconnected books, it features interviews with 23 of the culture’s most influential characters in an attempt to paint a picture of snowboarding's current state.

The book is sold through a designated website at www.almostanything.com, unfortunately it is only being released in a very limited edition and is not available to dealers or wholesale.


Written, Edited and Designed by David Benedek.

Featuring Interviews with:

Jake Burton
Terje Haakonsen
Richard Woolcott
Shaun Palmer
Travis Rice
JP Walker
Jed Anderson
Mikey Basich
Nicolas Müller
Danny Davis
Jesse Burtner
Marc Frank Montoya
Drew Stevenson
Jeremy Jones
Ken Block
Whitey McConnaughy
Peter Line
Pat Bridges
Blue Montgomery
Scotty Wittlake
Wolle Nyvelt

Released through Almost Anyting in English and Japanese

89€ (+ sales tax within the European Union)
Free Shipping in most of Europe, 12 € Shipping surcharge overseas.

Per person you will be able to order a maximum of two copies.


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