Gear Up: Big/Little

Get your grom kitted just like you.

There comes a glorious day in any parents’ snowboarding career when our children graduate from the bunny slope and progress to blue squares and even black diamonds. They’ve grown taller, they’re stronger, and they no longer need you to pick them up (repeatedly) off the snow. Not only are they linking turns, but they’re ripping the entire mountain and keeping up with you run for run. Your days on the mountain that were once an agonizing chore, a sacrifice of time (and money) teaching them to learn the basics is over and your hard work has paid off. You now have a riding buddy, a miniature version of you. So, what better way to celebrate you and your child’s accomplishments with a new kit. Heck, if they look like you and ride like you, why not outfit them with matching gear? Companies across the board have downsized full-grown favorites for young rippers, so with this in mind, here is a collection of products that are designed both for you and your “mini me.” – Jeff Baker


Is there anything better than a powder day with your friends? Yes, a powder day with your grom! The first time I rode a foot of fresh with my daughter, you could see the smiles on our faces from a mile away. It reinvigorated my love for snowboarding that I could share this magical moment with my firstborn. And now, Salomon has developed a true genderless, matching youth board to the full-sized Dancehaul, which boasts a wider outline, extended nose and tapered tail. The Dancehaul and Dancehaul Grom are sure to lead your entire family to pow.

Salomon Dancehaul – $479.95
sizes: 143, 147, 152, 157


There’s nothing cuter than a dad and his little twinsie ripping around the mountain. While the Highline Pro T Rice Jacket may be fashion forward, make no mistake, functionally it’s the best of the best (just like Travis), cut from 3L Gore-Tex that’s as durable as it is breathable to withstand the harshest climates. While the youth jacket isn’t Gore-Tex, it does have 15k waterproofing and tons of insulation to keep your grom toasty.



Bryan Iguchi is nothing short of a snowboarding legend. An icon in our culture. He has one of the longest-standing professional careers of any rider in the history of our sport. Lucky for us, Guch is sharing his wisdom with the creation of an all-new freestyle board that also handles brilliantly in the powder, the Arbor Satori. Nicknamed “The Panda,” Bryan and his panda cub, Milo, have matching decks thoughtfully designed to be fun and friendly, and they’re sharing them with you.


The Protosynthesis is Never Summer’s top-selling board and it’s packed with all their most advanced technologies. But what makes the Protosynthesis and Mini Protosynthesis different from other boards in this category is that all the top features used in the adult version are mimicked in the mini version. This means that the Mini Protosynthesis is designed for the kid who’s truly advanced enough to lay down some aggressive turns, hit some bigger jumps, and keep up with the big boys and girls. A true all-mountain twin, both versions offer the Shockwave Rocker Camber that merges the best of both worlds by making turns easy to initiate with enough camber in nose and tail for maximum edge control.

Never Summer Proto Synthesis – $654.99
sizes: 152, 155, 158, 161, 57X, 160X, 159DF, 162D


The Lasso is Ride’s top-selling men’s boot for a reason: It’s responsive, features BOA lacing, and is stylish and comfy right out of the box. If it works for the adults, there’s no reason the kiddos won’t also benefit from the Lasso’s tried-and-tested performance and comfort, which translates to happy feet and more laps in the day.


Comfort, sustainability, and style are the three pillars of all Roxy outerwear. These days, it just doesn’t cut it to make gear that looks good that’s not mindfully constructed. To that note, Roxy continues to pioneer a movement in snowboarding that yields confidence with their customers by offering products that perform first and foremost, but present a sustainable storyline and offer all the fashion-forward style and swag that we’re used to seeing from the brand. The Shelter (for adults) and Jetty Girl (for groms) are prime examples of this philosophy of forward-thinking performance that keeps riders of all ages covered in winter.


The Squad and Grom goggles in amethyst mushroom colorway.

Often, youth goggles (from other brands) scale back construction to achieve a lower price point–and that’s understandable because no parent wants to break the bank on pair of kids’ goggles. However, the downside is that your kiddos will sacrifice visibility and comfort just so mom and dad can save a buck or two. Thankfully, Smith’s Grom Goggles take the opposite approach by offering up their top technologies without the stiff price tag. ChromaPop lenses are included with the Grom, giving it superior clarity with anti-fog just like its adult predecessor, the Squad. Add the matching amethyst colorway to your kit, and you and your grom will be styling while seeing clearly.


Burton staff photographer Jesse Dawson provided the beautiful artwork for the Feelgood and Feelgood Smalls, a perfect mom-and-grom combo that’s equipped to rip the entire mountain. These decks have a medium-plus flex so they’re designed for the slightly more aggressive duo, but make no mistake, they perform for blossoming riders equally well and will allow the riding of both you and yours to progress, making the Feelgood a board you’ll hold onto for years.

Burton Feelgood – $609.95
sizes: 142, 146, 149, 152

This article originally appeared in issue 19.1, October 2022.


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