Platinum Picks – Best of ’22: Rome Libertine Hybrid BOA

Dial in your comfort straight out of the box for season-long performance that doesn’t quit. The Rome Libertine Hybrid BOA will keep your feet stoked bell-to-bell, earning this team-favorite Rome boot a 2022 Platinum Pick Award.

Assuming you had a pet boa constrictor and you were able to teach him to hug you in just the right manner, one might do away with all manner of garments, blanketing, headwear, etc. With the science and/or ethics on that still out, Rome has employed a game-changing hybrid system featuring both traditional laces and BOA on its team- favorite boot, the Libertine. Now you can easily snug and de-snug your boots to exactly your preferences, benefitting from both the quick-to-dial-in BOA, which controls heel hold through affecting the liner, and the traditional laces, which easily allow you to fine tune your comfort.

I once knew a particularly impressive snowboarder whose initials are KJ, who would ride with just the bottom of his boots laced and run the upper half Run DMC adidas-style. Myself on the other hand, I would shred in wrought iron beaver traps if I found a pair that fit. Point is, like Jack and Cokes, when it comes to our boots, we also prefer a personalized level of stiffness and security. And like that mixer, when it’s dialed just so, all is right in the world.

Built for the serious rider, the Libertine isn’t going to shit the bed after a few weeks out; this boot is built for multiple seasons of hard shredding. With the un-pack-out-able Ultralon F.I.T. Liner and the consistent flex
of the DuraFit outer shell, week twenty will still feel like week one in these boots—a good thing, considering by season’s end many boots are left with the flex profile of a pair of wet Chuck Taylors. In short, the Rome Libertine Hybrid BOAs are lightweight, powerful, durable, and dynamically adjustable. – Nate Deschenes

Rome Libertine Hybrid BOA Snowboard Boots – $379.95

Find out more at and @romesnowboards.

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