K2 Snowboarding debuts its latest and greatest for 2014

K2 Snowboarding is unveiling its new 2014 product lineup, with a revamped website to boot.

“We are stoked with our new site and product lines and the way both really support and focus on our message of Seek & Enjoy. One of the key ideas behind that message is that there is no wrong way to enjoy snowboarding,” said Hunter Waldron, K2 Snowboarding’s Global Brand Director. “From the backcountry mindset of Kwicker to the park-riding focus of the Hit Machine, no one seeks the same thing. By showcasing our wide range of products you can see that we support all ways of seeking out and enjoying good times on snow.”

K2's new and improved online digs K2’s new and improved online digs

Get informed on all things K2 in the press release below.

SEATTLE, Wash.(August 20, 2013) –Snowboarding is all about the experiences had with friends, riding rails or slashing chest-deep pow, breathing fresh mountain air and seeking out what you enjoy. It’s human and simple. K2 Snowboarding’s fresh new 2014 product and redesigned website echo what it means to Seek & Enjoy with industry-leading gear built for all styles of riding and a site that breathes the true spirit of snowboarding.

With a deep-rooted history of raising the bar when it comes to infusing new technology into riding, K2 continues to push the progression of snowboarding with standout innovations including this season’s revolutionary Kwicker™ system – the lightest, fastest splitboard system on the planet. Kwicker feels like feathers on your feet compared to standard splitboard set-ups and shaves transition times in half with its user-friendly, integrated platform. The new aircraft- aluminum grade, pinless Kwicker™ BC Binding is based on K2’s Clicker technology, but enhanced with a sophisticated interface and less moving parts. The new Stark boot brings the whole system together with its outsole and attachment system and performance-enhancing technologies like Endo Construction™ and Boa® Conda™. This second-to-none bomber backcountry system is compatible with all K2 splitboards, as well as other manufacturers.

Bringing a new level of pop and stability to K2’s Baseline offering, the new Lifted Technology takes the flat between the feet and simply raises it. This adds snap while maintaining the tracking precision of a flat board. This year’s artistic, award-winning Happy Hour comes complete with Lifted, Tweekend, and Ollie Bar™ construction, giving it the right amount of responsiveness and dialed-in control for ultimate shredding appeal. The new all-mountain Slayblade also features Lifted.

Inspired by K2’s team riders, the new twin-shaped, freestyle Hit Machine is equipped with the playful, yet stable feel of Freestyle Baseline with Tweekend™. With graphics by K2 Team rider Danny Larsen, this deck will be the one you can always rely on to keep you stoked.

K2’s Tweekback enters its sixth year of 100-percent pure urethane highbacks. No other company has more experience and know-how when it comes to design and durability of Urethane highbacks. With four new designs for 2014, including the Hurrithane, Tweekback is now offered in three distinct flex options to match any riding style.

Devoted to safety and fun in the backcountry, K2 has added a couple new pieces to its Backside Tools collection, including the multi-purpose Rescue Shovel Plus Ice Axe and 25-liter Tatoosh Backpack.

The slick new K2snowboarding.com is faster and easier to navigate and includes interactive and detailed product pages. Loaded with videos, technology descriptions, athlete news and social media, the redesigned site is your happy portal into K2 and everything about the brand.

In addition to the new gear and site, K2 will be launching its four-part web series “K2 Snowboarding’s Seek & Enjoy Sessions – Whistler.” The teaser drops in early November, and all episodes will be featured on Snowboarder magazine through December.

“If you are out there exploring and expanding your riding, K2 is with you and has the gear and web community hub to support you,” said Waldron.


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