Personalities: Jamie Anderson


Hot off her second Dew Cup win last weekend, Tahoe local Jamie Anderson gives us the scoop from Norway where she's getting ready to compete in her first Arctic Challenge. She lets us in on her plans for the rest of the season, the Jamie Anderson Visuals web series and her aspirations to be an environmentalist.

Photos courtsey of Alli Sports

Where are you currently?

Oslo, Norway

Are you excited about The Arctic Challenge?

Very excited!

Is it your first time going/competing?

Yes and yes! I've always wanted to go to Norway, and im so happy to be here.

Are you going to ride anywhere else while you're over there?

No, just here then back to Tahoe for some POW!

Tell everyone about the Jamie Anderson Visuals you've been doing this season?

Well, my boyfriend (Martin Rubio) and I started filming a lot last spring, then came up with the idea to create a web series, and document my season, my lifestyle, and my journeys around the globe! My first episode, "Argentina" just launched last week. You can find them on


You became a home owner last year. Where's you house at? And does anyone else live there?

I did! I bought a condo in South Lake Tahoe, and yes my boyfriend lives with me.

Have you been able to spend much time there?

I spent most of the summer there, but not so much this winter…

This Dew Tour season was pretty exciting for you, winning two first places then taking the Dew Cup again. What was your mindset going into Breck versus Utah?

It was the same, except in Breckenridge I was super nervous, because it was the first event of the season, but overall I am so stoked to take the Dew Cup and have done well in the series.

What are you doing with your prize money?

Investing it. Maybe buying some more property this summer, we'll see.

What's on the agenda for the rest of the season?

Arctic, then Tahoe for two weeks. Hopefully shred some pow! Then the US Open, Euro X Games, Roxy Chicken Jam, Ms. Superpark, then Tahoe spring shredding.

Sponsor shoutouts

Billabong, DVS, GNU, Electric, Monster, Skullcandy, Powerbar, Sierra-at-Tahoe and Holga cameras.

Anything else you want people to know about?

I try my hardest to not use plastic bags at the market or buy plastic bottles or anything that pollutes our beautiful Earth. Someday I want to be an environmentalist, and help make a difference in our world.


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