SIA 2014 Day 2: wrapping up the best of the best in style & tech for 2015 [Gallery]


One standout of K2’s 2015 offering is their supreme new board collection: the Enjoyers. A limited edition line, the Enjoyers features 4 rider designed boards and a 5th created for K2’s Women’s Alliance. K2 pro riders Lucas Debari, Danny Larsen, Jake Kuzyk, and Nick Dirks each designed a board, each graphic unique, and infused with personality. In the case of Danny Larsen, the board actually features his own artwork… which is ridiculously impressive, by the way. Also new to K2’s board line is a revamped version of their old school World Wide Weapon snowboard, which now boasts K2’s Tweekend Tech. Essentially, Tweekend flattens out the board towards tip and tail, giving the park board more surface area to work with when pushing off or pressing rails. On the boot front, K2 is bringing a BOA Conda system to the market, a new form of lacing that pushes the foot back securely into the heel of the boot, enhancing both fit and control. Not to be forgotten, K2 has also refined its bindings, debuting the Lien. This binding comes in two versions, All Terrain and Freestyle, both of which have 3 contact points on their bases. These points relieve the binding of some plastic, enhancing lateral movement and natural flex. The freestyle version of the Lien was created with a urethane highback, for even greater flexibility. K2, stepping up across all categories and changing the game.


In the process of refining its focus for next year, Quiksilver has created a 3 tier system for its gear, dividing products with a good, better, best mentality that in turn allows the brand to reach out to a broader audience. At the top of the hierarchy sits Quik’s Premium line, which includes Travis Rice’s pro kit and pro model gear. Rice collaborated with artist Mike Parillo for his 2015 graphics, and Parillo’s signature work can be found on jackets, pants, bags & more. The Premium collection also includes a new jacket, a featherless alternative down piece that debuted just a week ago. Quiksilver is the first brand to use synthetic down to build out a jacket, and this machine washable piece has the warmth and comfort of down, without the live-plucking consequences. Additionally, Quik is introducing a line of 3N1 jackets, which have a thinsulate liner that snaps into a heftier outer shell. 15k/15k with a DWR coating, this coat will have you covered no matter the weather.

The North Face

In true North Face fashion, TNF’s 2015 line is chalk full of tech, but it is also a revival of bright, loud, “summer for winter” graphics. Two themes dominate the brand’s latest outerwear line: “True Grit,” and “Mahalo.” The first, a tougher, street-inspired set, the latter a collection of island worthy graphics, from huge hibiscus flowers to an all-over pineapple print. Whatever your style, TNF’s gear can always be counted on for its durability and warmth. Keeping in line with this tradition, the Fuse Form is making its debut in the brand’s 2015 line,  a new fabric that brings together strong, durable threads with a lighter weight material at the loom level, meaning that they are effectively woven together. The integration of the two fabrics enhances the durability of the jacket, especially around areas like the arm pits and hips, that have to withstand constant stress.


Ever the innovators in the splitboard market, Jones has a slew of new boards geared up for 2015. Here’s a run down of Jones’ latest and greatest:

The Powsurfer: An all wood pow surf board designed by legendary surf board shaper Chris Christiansen, the Powsurfer has toe hooks for traction, plus a concave section across the base that mimics the shape of a surf board and amps up speed.

The Carbon Solution: This board has undergone a makeover since last season, dropping 1lb of weight after receiving a new core.

The Ultra Aviator: An innovative, full fiber glass nose is the highlight of the Ultra Aviator, a feature that reduces both the swing weight and the overall weight of the board. A medium stiff, full camber model, this board is a breeze to carry, and with treated edges at its contact points, its a breeze to ride as well.

The Solution Split: Created with a film top sheet and water based ink, the Solution Split is built out with magnetraction along its split edges, with a more mellow traction along its outside edges. The result? More traction as you climb, with less-catch along your edges as you ride.

The Explorer Splitboard: A lower price point board that even comes in kids sizes, the Explorer is meant to be an introduction board,a welcoming invitation to those wanting to give splitboarding a try, without draining their bank accounts in the process.

Jones is now creating its own skins as well, created entirely out of mohair, providing a fine balance between glide and traction.

Next, take a look at Shred’s new helmet tech, & DC’s new Travis Rice pro model & SPT collab boots.

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