Gear Up: Nine sunglasses to complete your summer wardrobe


In terms of summer attire, sunglasses may be the most important component to any poolside or beachfront activity. We say this for two reasons. One: if you haven’t heard already, the Ozone layer isn’t getting any thicker and that means your eyes deserve the finest shields possible from the bastard byproduct of the sun, UV radiation. Second and by far the more important of the two, these UV blockers have to look good. We’re talking the, “step out of your car in slow motion” type of good. Since we at Snowboard Mag are deeply concerned with your overall well-being, we did all of the heavy lifting and gathered up this season’s best shades for everything the summer can throw at you.

Here are nine sunglasses to complete your summer wardrobe:


Neff Daily

For those who want to gain the most street cred at the lowest impact to your wallet, the Daily has you covered. Just one copy of the late Andrew Jackson’s face you will have you party-rocking on the regular in about every design under the sun. And with 100% plastic frames, their durability will be far from mind if they happen to fall off during an afternoon kegstand.

Price: $20.00


Smith Cornice, polarized

Smith dipped into its extensive archive for inspiration on this classic-looking frame but don’t worry, this throwback is made for the modern world. Slightly oversized lenses offer a full coverage for maximum UV protection and along with a minimalist but bold design, straight lines and light construction, these make one hell of a statement. Contrary to popular belief, this is one Cornice you do not want to avoid.

Price: $119.00


Dragon H2O Jam, polarized

Losing your sunglasses to the unknown bottom is probably the easiest way to kill your buzz on a bluebird July day. Luckily the Dragon H2O Jam were designed with exactly that predicament in mind. Boasting an advanced injected frame, this is the perfect accessory for any aquatic lifestyle. So whether it’s catching fish or drinking like a fish, you won’t have to worry about sending these to Davey Jones’s Locker.

Price: $180.00


Zeal Range, polarized

The Zeal Range is for the kind of person that would rather park their butt in a bike seat rather than a lawn chair. Built for performance exploration, these specs are incredibly light and made with the durable Z-Resin, a rubberized material that is able to face any element you throw at it. Except for fire. So as long as you proceed with caution when climbing volcanoes, the Range is a certainly a no-brainer.

Price: $169.00


Ashbury Ranger

In the world of fashion sometimes a step backward speaks louder than the most forward design. So in the case of the Ranger, this John Lennon-esque frame is a roar, metaphorically speaking. Influenced by the vintage style of the 1960s they have the modern refinement of Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, meaning these optics flaunt the quality and style to withstand the test of time.

Price: $80.00


Spy Fold

It is often you will find the best surprises come in the smallest package. The Fold is the brainchild of pro surfer John John Florence, who asked Spy to engineer a frame that could tucked away into a pocket when the sun decides to take a breather. Couple that with the proprietary Happy Lens™ technology, these shades increase contrast, reduce eye strain, and help maintain good vibes throughout the day.

Price: $159.95


Electric Swingarm

Not only does the Swingarm feature a double action hinge system, but these spectacles swing both ways as one of the unisex styles in Electric’s prominent lineup. As the optimal blend of sturdiness with high fashion, these Italian-made shades will hold up to daily use better than the microwave at a Burger King drive-through. If Italy produces sunglasses like they do shoes, these babies will not disappoint.

Price: $80.00


Von Zipper Booker

There is a reason why classic designs like the Booker make it into the summer portfolio every year — this frame is timeless. Available in a vast array of styles and lenses, this eyepiece is sure to satisfy any occasion from an afternoon surf to the chance meeting of your celebrity crush. No matter the purpose, these shades are a must if you want the all-important first impression to be the right one.

Price: $90.00


Oakley TWC Enduro, polarized

Shaun White sketched out the Enduro to be a product of his environment. Drawing inspiration from the forces in music, film and sport that have transcended generations, the result was a frame that can endure the trends that seem to come and go. Constructed with the stress-resistant O Matter® material and Oakley’s standard of excellence, the Enduro is sure to be an invaluable asset to any summer day.

Price: $160.00


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