The End of 3.2% — Stronger Beer To Be More Accessible in Utah

Who doesn’t like cracking a cold one after a long and satisfying day of riding? If you’ve ever partied in the parking lot in Utah, chances are the beer you were drinking was 3.2 percent.

That’s because for the last 86 years, that’s the only kind of beer Utah has been allowed to sell in their grocery and convenience stores.

Hella Big Air snowboarding Mt. Bachelor 10 Barrel Brewing Bend Oregon
Beer + Snowboarding. #sports
Photo: SBMag archives

That’s all going to change as of November 1st, 2019, thanks to a new bill that was just signed by Gov. Gary Herbert. He signed SB132 which allows Utah retail beer to be upped from 3.2 percent to 4 percent alcohol by weight.

Hella Big Air snowboarding Mt. Bachelor 10 Barrel Brewing Bend Oregon
This could be you in Utah with a real-ish beer.
Photo: SBMag archives

While it doesn’t seem like much of an increase, it’s sure to be a welcomed change, as getting ‘the real stuff’ will be a little bit easier. This new law will also affect draft beers at restaurants and bars.

Shirtless Mike is surely celebrating Utah’s new law… Shiftlessly, of course.
Photo: Taylor Boyd

Stronger beers will continue to be sold at state-controlled liquor stores, which are few and far between, and are currently the only places where you can buy any beer, liquor or wine with an ABV above 3.2. (Aside from restaurants and bars, which still have mega strict laws on how much they can serve you at time. More info on that here.)

The Interior Plain Project
Beer, baby… Photo: Tyson Crockett

So as you start to plan your shred trips for next season, remember this bit of progressive news coming out of the Beehive State.

Burton US Open
We know this guy is amped to be stoked on the news. Photo: Jens Heig

Cheers, Utah.


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