Wild Card Movies: Wild Nights episode 2 – The double feature

One week passed since our last shoot. That night of trial and error left everyone with a bad taste in their mouths and the crew was starving for another try at keeping the jib a blaze long enough to get the shot.

I arrived on the scene after an hour and a half of searching the backwoods town of Plain WA. I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted an illuminated field with a significant build already completed. Apparently the boys got their hands on a backhoe and went to work a few hours prior.

With the feature already prepared the shoot was underway shortly after my arrival. Once the speed was dialed, WC filmer Scott Studach set the obstacle on fire and the riders took to the air. Scott played a scary roll in this project. He would douse the jib with a fresh cup of gasoline while the rider was on the in run and hurry back to his camera just in time to get the shot!

The shoot went smoothly and everyone was happy with the sessions outcome. Joe Bosler stalled out a few frontside 360 taps for the camera. Andy Bergen-Sperry floated a backside 360 bonk and threw down a couple miller flip attempts. We also had the pleasure of working with Austria's Sebi Geiger that night who is spending a few weeks shooting in the US with the WC crew. This guy is as smooth as they come. Sebi didn't hit the feature a whole lot, but each air of his was timeless. 

Before I could wipe the dust from my eyes the next morning, my phone was vibrating off the table.  The crew was rebuilding the feature and the session was planned for that evening! I quickly got all my batteries charging and trouble shooted through the previous nights images.

While the remnant sent of mixed flammables lingered, night fell and once again I was more then impressed to see what the crew had put together in the daylight hours. With the knowledge of the previous nights shoot, they were able to push the obstacle to its limit. A 'wooden rail' was added and the landing was pushed out farther in anticipation for bigger airs.

This shoot was epic! I got to apply some creative lighting techniques and the addition of some smoke bombs I'd been carrying around in my pack for the past year made the place look like a hollywood movie set. I would like to thank everyone involved in this production. I am so grateful to live this lifestyle and for the opportunity to surround myself with such creative and talented individuals.

With shoots of this caliber coming together so early in the season, I can only begin to imagine what is in store for the coming winter months!

Words & photos: Jordan Ingmire


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