45th Parallel: Mt. Hood with Ben Ferguson and friends

From the first week of June through the middle of August, Mt. Hood, is without question, the center of the snowboarding universe. Home to multiple camps and a continually growing public park, the Palmer Glacier is where you want to be if you’re looking to lace up your boots and take a few turns. Ben Ferguson knows this well and hasn’t missed a summer since he was 8. Tag along with Ben and Tyler Orton on their most recent visit to the glacier for another tease of what to expect from the duo’s upcoming and highly anticipated film, Hail Mary.

Featuring Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Dru Brownrigg, Luke Winkelmann, Nate Carroll, Reid Smith, Max Warbington, and Max Tokunaga.

Watch also: Ben Ferguson’s Hail Mary – Official Trailer


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