Airblaster Presents: “August” – Full Movie

In anticipation for Airblaster’s new film, “March” we have dug deep into the vault to bring you the 2008 Airblaster release, “August.” August was the third month-long movie project to be released by Airblaster and documents the team riding throughout the month of August on Mt. Hood and in the High Cascade Snowboard Camp park. Strap in for some summer fun on the glacier and take a little time warp back into the last decade. Featuring riding from Jed Anderson, Nick Dirks, TJ Schneider, Ben Lynch, Sebi Mueller, Forrest Shearer, Jonas Michilot Travis Parker.

“March” premieres in Portland Oregon this Thursday, 9/28, so if you are in the area make sure to drop in and join the Airblaster crew for a night that is sure to not disappoint.

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