Arbor Snowboards presents: Cosa Nostra – Frank April full part

We’ve been itching for more from Arbor’s Cosa Nostra ever since we got our first tease of Mike Liddle’s part back in early September. Thankfully, the wait is officially over. Welcome, Frank April, one rider who we can say with confidence is nothing short of an absolute madman in the streets. With everything from travel antics, to massive drops and sketchy slides on mind-bending features, Frank’s highly anticipated Cosa Nostra part definitely does not disappoint.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more from the Arbor Team dropping soon.

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A lynchpin on the Arbor Snowboard’s pro team, Frank April is known for hitting large street spots and having an even larger personality. Frank served as a team captain of sorts during the filming of Cosa Nostra, working just as hard to get shots for the rest of the team as he did for himself. See more of Frank’s antics and accolades by downloading Arbor Snowboard’s first full-length team video, Cosa Nostra, now available on iTunes and Vimeo On Demand.

Cosa Nostra is an authentic representation of snowboarding’s current state as seen from the perspective and experiences of the Arbor Team. Featuring Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, Erik Leon, Charles Reid, Scotty Vine, Mike Liddle, Emil Ulsletten, Ian Sams, Cam Fitzpatrick, Atsushi Hasegawa, and Mike Gray. This is our passion. This is our family. This is our thing. This is ‘Cosa Nostra’.


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