The party hasn’t stopped this season at Mt. Bachelor. If you like untouched powder fields, high speed groomer laps with your crew, all topped off with minimal lift lines, Bachelor is the place to be. Take six minutes out of your day to watch this full throttle edit by JP Schlick before booking your flight to get in on the action yourself – you won’t be sorry. Featuring riding from Jonny Sischo, Gus Warbington, Willis Grigsby, Will Dennis, Randal Seaton, Teddy Shine, Justin Norman, Max Warbington, Jared Elston, and Andrew Pace.

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Randal SeatonMt.BachelorParty2

More words from JP Schlick, and photos from Erik Hostetler:

A snowflake is formed when cold water freezes to particles of dust or pollen in the atmosphere and forms a crystal. As the crystal falls frozen through the sky, water vapor freezes to form new, jutting, crystal formations that vary in shape based on the outside temperature. By the time it reaches the earth’s surface, the crystal will have six prominent points forming what is know as a crystallized dendrite. They say no two of these dendrite crystals are exactly alike, that each falls to the earth’s surface leaving its own unique imprint and even after it has fallen continues to change form over time.

If this is true, then it stands to reason that no two storms are exactly alike–no two powder days and no two turns. It is this uniqueness that keeps us coming back even when the prospect seems ludicrous. We brave the elements just to see what today’s new crop of dendrites has to offer. In the last couple months, these crystals have turned Mt. Bachelor into the ultimate powder playground. They have, at times, made filming, and even riding, a difficult endeavor. Yet the winds always calmed and the clouds always cleared and when they did the Bachelor Party Crew was able to capture a glimpse of what a string of these unique crystal-filled days were all about.

It seems as though the snow has not stopped falling since it started back in December. The phrase “best winter ever” has been thrown around more than a couple times, and if consistent powder is your metric, the stats are there to back you up. This is the first time in Mt. Bachelor’s recorded history that we have had three consecutive months with over 100” and with 467″ to date we will be shredding cornice lines deep into the spring. We hope you enjoy Chapter Two of Bachelor Party ’17, we certainly enjoyed making it.

Teddy Shine1Mt.BachelorParty2

Teddy ShineMt.BachelorParty2