Beau Done Did It: Beau Bishop’s Two Year Edit

Beau Bishop is long past the point of counting days on his snowboard. The man lives on it. Whether he is spending his day riding the chair at the resort, or out in the backcountry on his sled, if there is snow to be had, you can bet Beau is out having it.

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Beau Bishop rides his snowboard more than most. Everyday the lift is mounted, or the sled is dropped out of the back of the truck and Beau scores Pow whether someones filming or not. Thanks to the filmers who can keep up, we have a Beau part filmed over the last two winters.

Filmed by: Dave Craig
Additional Footage: Keegan Salmon, Trevan Salmon, Andrew Burns, Danny Kern, Brad Sarauer, Aaron Maksymec

Edited by: Jake Durham


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