POINTOFBEAU: The Beau Bishop perspective

Alright, nine minutes of POV footage seems like a lot. That’s because it is.

However, when you are watching the perspective of Beau Bishop, those nine minutes mean something more. Several years ago, Beau suffered an injury that can put someone in a wheelchair for life. With his unwavering resolve and love for the snowboarding experience, he overcame everything to return to the backcountry with a greater fervor than ever. This video is a testament to qualities of a lifestyle that can truly heal. And on top of all that, it is more proof that Beau destroys everything.

Watch also: TURN & BURN — Season Two, Part Three: Powabunga

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Who would ever want to watch 9 minutes of POV footage? I suggest you don’t click play.

Featuring the homies.

Jody Wachniak
Matt Belzile
Andrew Geeves
Andrew Burns
Alex Cantin
Phil Jacques
Shin Campos
Rube Goldberg
Andre Benoit
Robjn Taylor
Geoff Brown
Trevan Salmon
Wiley Tesseo
Johnny Brady Jr.
Cody Wilson
Chris Rasman


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