The biggest signing in the sports world since Shohei Ohtani. Some call him the Prince of Powder, some say the Heir of Air, but now we can all stop worrying about what Blake Paul will end up riding after announcing a split (a loving split with mutual admiration posts on the gram, but a split nonetheless) with his former board sponsor earlier this week. With no trade deadlines in action sports, you never know how quick it will all move. Plenty of speculation hit burner accounts on social media, but we were all waiting for a team to drop a “Welcome” post. Ride just added another huge name to their stacked roster and the only thing we are bummed about was it wasn’t in time for Blake to have a full part in Rated R. Our announcement from the SLC Airport below:

p: T. Bird

From Blake on Instagram: Honored and excited to join this brand and team of incredible humans, snowboarders, and friends.