Name a better crew in the streets right now? We will wait.

Don’t care if that opening line is a year out of fashion, it sums up the latest offering from Ride pretty succinctly. From the world premiere a little over a month ago to now, we have been waiting for this one to hit the internet to enjoy it over and over again. Starring Savannah Shinske, Jed Anderson, Spencer Schubert, Jacob Krugmire, Dan Liedahl, Jill Perkins, Cole Navin, and Reid Smith alongside Mikey LeBlanc, Mike Bogs and a ton more from the crew, this movie will easily crash into your recent favorites and potentially creep into your list of favorite snowboard movies of all time. Jill continues to push and ascend at the top. Reid has our favorite compilation of his clips to date. Spencer follows up an impressive run of memorable parts with another personality-filled set. Danimals is a tank. Savannah Shinkse shows why she is getting serious recognition and Jed Anderson becomes even more of a generational anomaly.

Just watch it. Rated R but mandatory viewing for all ages.