Bringing outside in: Sidetracked with Hana Beaman by Full Moon

Snowboarding has a way of opening the mind to creative influence. What tricks you do, the line you take, where you slash or don’t slash, it’s all unique to you. For Hana Beaman, her spark off the mountain comes designing the space in which she lives. Just as she looks at terrain in the backcountry, she visualizes how a living room can be transformed or how a certain piece of furniture can be the focus point. What you can take from this is how important it is to have other creative outlets in our lives. Change your perspective every once in a while, everything doesn’t always have to be about snowboarding.

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Sidetracked is a 7-part web series based on each rider’s passion besides snowboarding that compliments their outdoor lifestyle. Hana Beaman continues the series with her passion for interior design. Come back to every Tuesday for a new episode of Sidetracked.


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