Double gold: Mark McMorris corks his way to a X Games 2015 slopestyle win

With two gold medals in big air and slopestyle at X Games 2015, Mark McMorris has medaled at every year at X since his debut in 2011.

Boasting some of the most technical rail tricks of any of the competitors, including a back hardway 270 on, 270 off, Mark’s strong showing in the top half of the course was the factor that helped him secure his second gold medal of the weekend. Sven Thorgren came out charging, dropping a 92.00 on his first run with a 1440 on the bottom run and setting the pace for the rest of the field on a sunny afternoon in Aspen. Also on the podium with silver is Norway’s Ståle Sandbech and his oozing style.

Sage Kotsenburg couldn’t pull it together to secure a podium spot, but it was definitely entertaining to watch his Euro carves and handplants to makes creative work of this X Games slopestyle course.

Incredible work from all of the slopestyle riders today, it was truly entertaining watching you throw down.

X Games 2015 men’s slopestyle results

RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Best
1Mark McMorris51.0096.0029.0096.00
2Stale Sandbech95.0015.0034.6695.00
3Sven Thorgren92.0039.3337.6692.00
4Sebastien Toutant33.3387.3335.0087.33
5Sage Kotsenburg83.3342.6667.6683.33
6Torstein Horgmo44.6649.3357.0057.00
7Emil Ulsletten35.3347.3329.3347.33
8Nikolas Baden32.3336.3340.3340.33

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