Fast and loose: Mike Ravelson and friends tear up Mammoth Mountain

We enjoy watching the kind of snowboarding that makes its easy the tell when the riders are having fun. The latest from Seth Huot is no exception, especially with an appearance from Mike Rav. The things that he does on his snowboard can sometimes get some heat but there is no argument that the guy has talent. It’s a welcome relief from the monotony of snowboarding edits that come across our feed.

This is rad.

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From Seth Huot via Vimeo:

Mike Ravelson and friends spinning some springtime laps at Mammoth Mountain CA.

Mike Ravelson
Dan “Danimals” Liedahl
Alex Lopez
Jake Selover
Scott Blum
Richie Conklin

Seth Huot

Little Chino Skatepark
Mammoth Mountain, Ca

Agent Orange “Last Goodbye”


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