Fimbulvetr: A Winter Backyard Story with Mikkel Bang

Winter often comes with the desire for travel and an endless thirst for something better just around the corner. Better snow, a steeper line, and a new place to explore are always taunting us and looming just over the horizon. Yet, this mindset also blinds us, and with our eyes set on the grand and extravagant, we can easily miss what lies just in front of us. Tag along with Mikkel Bang and friends for a return to the basics.

While waiting to head back to the big mountain lines and remote destinations that he has become accustomed to, Mikkel and friends adventure into his backyard in Hemsedal, Norway to find solace in the simple fun of winter in the outdoors. “My favorite thing about winter is that you can go outside and play. Never grow up. Just go outside and be outdoors” says, Mikkel.

Directed by Preben Winther Hansen.

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