Friday, January 28th twelve riders will drop into the rider’s left side of the Natural Selection course at Jackson Hole for finals day at the first stop of the 2022 tour. The head-to-head matchups are the stuff of legends. I mean, Travis Rice verses Torstein Horgmo? The fabric of contest reality has been breached by Travis Rice, Liam Griffin, and company and we are all for it. If you missed Day 1, you can watch the full replay, as well as highlights from the head-to-head matchups above.

Here are the Day 2 matchups for men’s quarterfinals and women’s semifinals, which begin at 9:30am MST. Watch live on You can also stream on the NST Youtube.

Natural Selection Jackson Hole day 2 men's seeding bracket
Natural Selection Jackson Hole day 2 women's seeding bracket

The rider’s left side of the course is north-facing and the snow conditions should be better than they were on Day 1. The rad thing about running the competition on the two sides of the NST zone is that it opens up features that may not have gotten a lot of play in 2021–there are at last 40 features in the entire area, so the room for creativity is huge and evolving every year as Mother Nature sets the stage with weather and snowpack. Check out the brackets, place your bets on the free-to-enter pool on Draftkings and tune in at 9:30am MST on Friday, January 28th to watch who emerges victorious at the Yeti Natural Selection 2022.