Forest Bailey’s FSBS1

One month with no real plan brought to you by Frontside Backside Productions.

There is truly no better way to start an adventure. Earlier this fall Forest Bailey and Seamus Foster did just that and hopped the pond to attend the HMNNTR 4 gallery opening in London with some of snowboarding’s most iconic artists. Among the ranks of those in attendance were the likes of Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Schoph, Kyle Maynard, Ben Brough, The Shallow Tree, Danny Larson, Iuna Tinta, Halldor Helgason, Mat Savage, Lucas Beaufort, and Sly Cooley. The potential was endless.

Photo by Seamus Foster

After the show, everything else began. English accordion players, a ripping bowl session with Forest and Jamie, and a European adventure that lead to endless creativity in Austria from the one and only, Forest Bailey. You never know what is possible until you try, and Forest Bailey’s FSBS1 is only the start. Make sure to continue below for more photos from the trip and to stay tuned for FSBS2, dropping when you least expect it.

Featuring riding from Forest Bailey, Jamie Lynn, Niels Schack, and Alex Tank.

Filmed and edited by Seamus Foster.

Watch also: GNU Presents: Cool Hair featuring Forest Bailey

ForestBailey-B1-FSBS-IBK-2017-by-SebiMadlener-4679 Photo by Sebi Madlener
ForestBailey-F1-FSBS-IBK-2017-by-SebiMadlener-5231 Photo by Sebi Madlener
Photo by Seamus Foster

Watch also: GNU Presents: Cool Hair featuring Forest Bailey


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