The park at Copper is a stark contrast from that of other Summit County resorts. That’s because the place is usually empty. It’s the ideal venue to completely commandeer with a group of friends, which is what the Hobo Headwear crew did. Brendan Barry was there with a camera to capture the camaraderie, and what came out is a five minute display of park-riding with friends — when your friends are great boarders.

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From Brendan Barry:

Hunter Wood
Greyson Clifford
Chris Sypert
Kyle Hay
Dylan Trewin
Austin Julik-Heine
Josh Boeser
Colin Walters
Kit Hendrickson
Tayler Doyle

Thank you Woodward at Copper for everything.

First song produced courtesy of DJ Akoza, check out his music.

Special thanks to Colin Walters for everything. Yellow mittens available at