December 1st seems so long ago. We’ve been in the thick of it, finally shooting for our latest film in our own backyard — winter rolled in strong this December. So much snow fell in Tahoe making every day a pow day. The crew was out for 26 days in a row feasting on blower snow, which seemed foreign for a zone so stricken by drought the past few years. It was truly unreal.

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Then it finally happened; it was bound to happen. The classic high pressure ridge moved its way over the West — the yang to powder’s yin. We didn’t scratch our heads too long before realizing we’d barely blessed the resorts with our presence.

[aesop_quote type=”block” align=”center” quote=”Gravity; it’s just another law to break!”]

A slew of jumps, a halfpipe, and transitions everywhere enticed the crew into some extreme stunt boarding at Boreal, where our lensman Sam Tuor was eager to chase us hooligans around with his video recorder.

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Moral of the story? When a high pressure rolls in bringing sunshine and warm temps, there’s no better sign that it’s time to hit the lifts and Hot Boy around the slopes of Boreal. Grab your boards, a bunch of crazy boarders, ditch your brain, and get extreme. And remember, gravity is just another law to break!

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Featuring stunts by:
Felix Mobarg
Tucker Andrews
Johnny Brady
Jackson Fowler
Eric Messier
Taylor Carlton
Gray Thompson
Max Tokunaga
Alex Horgan

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