House of 1817 Presents: The 1817 Movie

The Midwest snowboard scene is a unique subculture that is like no other. Especially the Minnesotans. They’ll ride anything that has even just a little bit of snow on it. But you don’t have to be from the Bread and Butter state to appreciate The 1817 Movie. Watch on as Ethan Deiss, Lucas Magoon, Jake OE, Joe Sexton, and the rest of the crew show us, from dusk to dawn, what hitting urban means to them and what they can do without sponsorship money, passes to resorts, or contracts.

Featuring: Ethan Deiss, Chad Otterstrom, Micah Mcginnity, Mike Casanova, Tony Wagner, Drew Poganski, Lucas Magoon, Jake OE, Joe Sexton, Billy Bottoms, Bill Brandt, Al Binder, Zak Peterson, Krister Ralles, Layne Treeter, Colin Wilson, Jordan Daniels, Joey Peterson, Benny Milam, Jake Moore, Cody Beiersdorf.

Directed/Edited by: Riley Erickson

Filmed by: Derek Combs, Dan Tyler, Riley Erickson

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