From Vermont to Mt. Baker, around the world… and back. The classic story of a successful uncle and his nephew/predecessor. Learning and riding together, dealing with injury… and now Jake Blauvelt is focusing on giving as much as he can back to snowboarding for every path it has led him down.

“Jake Blauvelt has made a career of snowboarding and built a life in the mountains, but it’s not without sacrifices. Over the years, he’s been in and out of hospitals and splitting his time between the East and West coasts—always for the dream.​ Liminal is about the in-betweens. We follow Jake around his home in Vermont knowing he’s headed West again; reflect on his first video part and his career in snowboarding. It’s the story of ebbing and flowing through life. And it’s about all the things you learn along the way. ​ A film by Liam Gallagher and Ian Post”