Day one for McMorris and his freshly healed fibula looks better than most with a lifetime free of injury and plenty of time to snowboard. That sentence is a little long, but basically, all we are saying is Mark still has it. He has also battled back from injuries much more severe than this one, so you can really just add it to the list. Prior injuries include a broken femur, broken jaw, broken ribs, broken arm, ruptured spleen, stable pelvic fracture and a collapsed lung. And most of that was just from one fall!

After pulling out of the Natural Selection Tour last year with the injury, it is nice to see McMorris back on his board just five months later down in Australia dialing back in with a jump session in Thredbo. Will he put up another award winning film part this year, focus on the contest circuit, or both? We aren’t sure yet, but we are sure we will be seeing a lot more from the Canadian coming up.