Four years ago, I would have told you that Mike Rav was a spitting image of Scott Stevens. Today I would tell you I was wrong.

Mike’s evolution has solidified him as a rider that some people can’t get enough of, and that haters can’t stop talking about. He has pushed the boundaries of what people think of as snowboarding with a careful balance between loose and tight style, just as Scott did before him, and Jesse Burtner did before that. But Mike has come into his own. Skateboarding’s undeniable influence shines through in his riding, reminiscent of that made greats like Chris Roach or Noah Salasnek so fun to watch. Mike’s presence in this culture is only to grow in the years to come, and this video from his season at Brighton should be enough to make you a believer.

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From Brighton Resort:

Mike Ravelson at Brighton Resort, filmed from Nov 2015 to April 2016 featuring Kevin Court and Christian Buliung.

Filmed and Edited by Seamus Foster

Additional filming by Colton Morgan