Moss: A Legacy of Japanese Snowsurfing

Envelope yourself in the world of Japanese snowsurfing.

In the latest release from the Warp Wave, we travel to Japan for a month to visit with snowsurfing pioneer, Shinzo Tanuma- creator of Moss Snowstick. If Japan wasn’t already on your bucket list you may as well chalk it up as a must-visit now. Every board has their own personality and experience, and in this short documentary we get a new window into the world of Moss’ shapers and riders.

Start marking off dates on your calendar, next season you want to visit Japan and our friends at Moss for yourself.

Continue below for more photos and words from Warp Wave.

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Since its inception in the early 1970s, snowboarding has evolved and grown in countless shapes, forms, and styles. In this film, we travel to Japan to meet with Japanese Snowsurf Godfather, Shinzo Tanuma- creator of Moss Snowstick; to gain a deeper insight into the roots of this now global style of snowsurfing.

MOSS_Thompson_Photo-12legacy-facebook Photo by Gray Thompson

From the waves of the Japanese coastline, to the quiet mountains blanketed in deep snow, we flow with the environment, meet, and ride with the extended Moss family across Japan. Witnessing authentic styles, and learning about inspirations, connections, and environments, we are left with a deeper appreciation for snowsurfing’s past and an excitement for its future.

MOSS_MasahikoSato_Photo-1legacy-facebook Photo by Masahiko Sato

MOSS_Thompson_Photo-1legacy-facebook Photo by Gray Thompson

MOSS_Thompson_Photo-13legacy-facebook Photo by Gray Thompson

MOSS_Thompson_Photo-14legacy-facebook Photo by Gray Thompson

MOSS_MasahikoSato_Photo-4legacy-facebook Photo by Masahiko Sato

Photo by Gray Thompson

MOSS_Thompson_Photo-22legacy-facebook Photo by Gray Thompson

Photo by Gray Thompson

Photo by Gray Thompson

Narrated By: Eric Messier

Featuring: Eric Messier, Shinzo Tanuma, Naoya Wada, Teppei Hirota and the Downchill Crew, Naoto Kotsugai and the Earth Of Joy Crew, Sho Shiramizu

Cinematography & Editing By: Gray Thompson

Additional Cinematography: Eric Messier, Jim Dunigan

Presented By: Pioneer Moss & Moss Snowstick North America

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