Peace Park 2017: Official Trailer

Continuing with the tradition of Peace Park, the 2017 Peace Park video is due to return to ABC and the “World of X Games” later this November. The 22-minute short will highlight everything that went into last year’s event, and will showcase 16 elite riders as they pick their way through the endlessly creative park, full of plants, banks, jumps, and more. The film is scheduled to launch on Sunday, November 26 at 3pm ET, 2pm CT/PT and 1pm MT and will be availble to watch right here following the event.

Dive in here for your first look at the short, and continue below for a look at a collection of images taken by Dean “Blotto” Gray at last year’s event.

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More from Peace Park:

In 2017, PEACE PARK introduced its first-ever qualifier event at Okemo Resort in Vermont, making it possible for one lucky amateur snowboarder to earn a spot at the main event at Grand Targhee Resort in the West Tetons of Wyoming and ride alongside 16 elite professional snowboarders. This year’s invited crew included a perfect mixture of some of the top riders in the world with some of the best up-and-coming riders in the world.


“I wanted to make it possible for a kid to get a chance to come to PEACE PARK,” commented Davis. Luke Winkelman, the winner, was awarded an all-expense paid trip to the main event. “It was an exciting opportunity for me to be able to open PEACE PARK up to a fresh, new talented rider,” continued Davis. “The cool part about PEACE PARK is that every snowboarder has to be a great overall rider, a master of all terrains, and Luke was the perfect fit.”
Davis, with the help of Mountain Dew and Snow Park Technologies (SPT), continues to experiment and push the build of PEACE PARK each and every year. The event has become one of the most highly-anticipated snowboard content initiatives at the start of each winter season, consistently offering viewers something new and innovative to experience across a variety of media platforms. This year, a variety of new elements were introduced into the mix, including a banked slalom-inspired race, hand-plant contests and more.


The 2017 edit showcases exactly how Davis feels snowboarding is meant to be perceived, a youthful environment full of energy and good vibes. Although PEACE PARK is not a traditional contest, it continues to set an example for the future of snowboarding contests, sparking the style and creativity that the sport is best known for. Tune into ABC nationally to watch PEACE PARK on “World of X Games” Sunday, November 26 at 3pm ET, 2pm CT/PT and 1pm MT. Following the TV airing, the film will be available globally online via both Mountain Dew and The Peace Park’s YouTube channels.

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