The battle of dealing with a season-ending injury is longer, and more complicated then simply waiting on muscles to heal, or bruises to fade. Superstition surrounds the fateful crash with warnings like, “never call last run” echoing from chairlift lines and lodge bars. While falls and crashes are an inherent aspect to the lifestyle we love, coping with serious injury is in a league of its own. Cam Pierce was forced to come to terms with this hard truth this past season. Cam broke his femur coming up short on a bleacher gap in Quebec, filming for 686’s first film, 686 Seconds in January 2015, and was forced to sit on the bench while the rest of the crew finished the project. It wasn’t until January of last season, that he had the opportunity to dust off his gear and get back on hill. Recoup is the story of recovery, and the battle of returning to a previous standard.

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With the help of friends, Ben Bogart, Brendan Gerard, Sam Blazejewski, Andrew Brewer, Jaeger Bailey, Alex Sherman, and Sawyer Dean, Cam slowly began his recovery. Partnered with lens man Ian Post of After Hours Productions, and a bevy of friends willing to step aside from their personal projects to lend support, Cam was able to begin filming again, and ultimately make his return to the park, street, and backcountry. This is the story of Cam Pierce’s Recoup.

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Directed by: Ian Post
Produced by: 686 & Afterhours Creative
Cinematography: Ian Post
Editing & Grade: Afterhours Creative
Photography: Annie Mac
Shot on Blackmagic Mini Ursa 4K & GH4 in Salt Lake City, Utah