He didn’t drop a four part docu-series in the middle of the summer like a certain fellow Olympic Gold medalist, but Red Gerard took his footage from Ben Ferguson’s Fleeting Time and put out a part for our enjoyment. Red’s front seven (pictured below) at the end of the movie earned him his first cover last year, while the rest of clips dispersed throughout the project added to his already-impressive resume. Now able to be seen packaged for youtube, we caught up with the Cleveland born Gerard about his first attempt in Adobe Premiere. 

p: Clavin

Did you edit this yourself because of the strike going on in Hollywood? 
Yeah, my brother heard about the strike and decided to join up so I had to do it myself. Haha, no, it’s just summer and I am trying to keep my brain working and moving. I’m not that into tech, but I wanted to just learn and put together an edit. 

Did you use any AI for this, VideoGPT or whatever? 
Hahaha, no. But my brother is basically artificial intelligence though when it comes to this stuff. I worked on it in his office in our house so he definitely helped when I got stuck and tuned it up at the end. 

How did you pick the song?
Just one of the songs I found while driving around last winter. When I was thinking about editing it this summer it came on in the car… lined up. 

Red Gerard
The cover shot from issue 19.2. p: Blatt

Couple of never before seen angles in this one?
Definitely some clips that weren’t used. That is why I like seeing re-edits later. They give you a chance to see more. Not every clip of yours is going to make a movie, so it’s cool to show everyone all the clips you get during that time, not just what makes the final film. 

You scored a cover from that ender. What is better feeling, riding away from that trick or seeing it on the front of a magazine?
They are pretty different feelings but the trick normally happens in a death defying situation… so riding away feels better knowing that you are done with that battle. 

Did you know it was your ender immediately?
No, honestly I didn’t know what it was going to be. It was actually the first clip I filmed during that second year working on Fleeting Time. Didn’t know what clips were going to get that winter, but it was a good one to set the tone. I was actually trying to put it somewhere else in my edit since it has been seen so much, but that ended up being just the last clip in the timeline and it just kind of fit there. Haha, I was just trying to put all my clips in order. 

We getting the bandana look back anytime soon? 
Absolutely, if the weather cooperates.

What is your favorite movie right now? 
Anything with Vince Vaughn. Hailey and I are going through and watching them all. 

Anything to look out for this upcoming fall?  
A good amount of my footage is going into the new Quiksilver movie coming out. Hyped to get some clips with that crew even though I didn’t get to ride with them much because of the contest season. It’ll be exciting to be in the mix with team and see it all together. My brother will probably cut up some stuff as well for an edit. 

Whistler backcountry. p: Aaron Blatt

When are you riding next? 
Heading to Australia in August to go ride, train and hang with everyone. 

Prediction on the Cleveland Brown’s record this year? 
Win the first two, lose third, another hot streak for 7 games… lose one, win out the rest of the season and win the whole thing.

So you are claiming Super Bowl? 
Haha yeah, or the Jets.