RIDE Presents: Off Course – Official Trailer

There is a certain mindset that a true outdoorsman takes with them into the mountains. A metaphorical set of directions that leads the way and inspires honest adventure. A connection to one’s surroundings so powerful, that in order to truly be on the right track, one must first be off course. Welcome to Interior British Columbia with Jake Blauvelt and RIDE Snowboards.

Last season Jake Blauvelt led a trip into the high forests of Interior British Columbia with riders, Shayne Pospisil and Jake Welch, cinematographer, Gabe Langlois, and photographers, Cole Barash and Tom Monterosso. The group’s only goal? To find deep snow, and an even deeper connection to the mountains.

This is RIDE’s, Off Course.

Make sure to check back November 13th for the release of the full film.

Video by Gabe Langlois

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RIDE is proud to introduce OFF COURSE. A project driven by Jake Blauvelt to display a month-long trip through the high forests of interior British Columbia with Jake Welch and Shayne Pospisil. The team synced up with Canadian native filmmaker Gabe Langlois to capture the riding, the sledding, and the moments in between. The concept was simple. Head to the mountains, find a path and head in the opposite direction: Off Course.


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