Resort Sport Collection is a great name. It got us thinking, why don’t we have a snowboarding version of just about every sport on hill? Resort sports could be a whole thing. The NBA, NHL, and NFL are all in season currently, why not bring that to the mountain and beef up participation? We could tackle skiers, throw basketballs at skiers, even put on some hockey gloves and check them all over the groomers! It would be a blast. No, but we would enjoy watching a group try to move some type of object downhill while the other tried to move it uphill (via chairlift, we aren’t idiots) across an entire mountain as the playing field. Oh, it could even be a soccer ball! This one is filmed over in Italy with the Ride Euro crew so maybe that would be the most fitting. Featuring Kristian Skjomming, Wouter Groot, and Louis Labertrande on the Algorythm, Shadowban, and all-new Deep Fake. Enjoy.