Rude Girls x Snowboard 2023 Board Test: Arbor Cadence

The 2023 Arbor Cadence Camber was a favorite at the Rude Girls x Snowboard Mag Board Test for its softer flex yet responsive turning. It’s a great board for buttering, pressing, and playing around, but it also rides camber-forward, so the soft flex is balanced by easy turn initiation and quickness going edge to edge.

During our board test in April 2022 at Sunshine Village in Alberta, Delaney Cameron, a member of the Rude Girls Shop staff, said, “[The Cadence is a] really good board for buttering. I wouldn’t say it’s noodley because it had really good response for being soft. I thought the flex paired with the camber was perfect. It is a snappy, poppy, energetic board.”

Sunshine Village is one of the few resorts in North America that can boast wintery conditions in April. While we were in Banff, we got the full gamut of weather, which was great for testing out the Arbor Cadence on groomers, hardpack and icy spots, as well as a little bit of fresh snow.

“I definitely noticed the Grip Tech kicking in on this board when the terrain became more hard packed and icy,” added Delaney. “The edge hold was amazing and at no point did I feel like I would slip out. Overall, the Cadence was pretty stable, very responsive and just all around good fun. It’s camber dominant so there is tons of pop, but the Uprise Fenders just outside the contact points make this board very buttery and smooth. I enjoyed just slowing it down and getting some deep carves and butters on this board.”

While the softer flex may not be the best for pinning it on steeper terrain, the responsiveness and forgiving ride of the Cadence Camber are perfect for an intermediate rider looking to step it up toward more technical all-mountain riding, but still desiring a board where the playfulness is paramount.

What kind of rider is this board great for?
The Rude Girls are skilled at helping snowboarders identify the board (or boards) that suits not only their current riding style, but where they are hoping to take their riding in the future. Considering the Cadence Camber’s ability for quick turns and lightning response regardless of snow conditions paired with its penchant for pressing, jibbing, and park laps, it’s a solid all-mountain freestyle pick. It’s all-mountain ability makes the Cadence a board that will grow with you as you progress your skills. Says Delaney, “I would recommend this board for a beginner park rider or just anyone who likes a softer flexing, poppy, cambered snowboard that’s effortless to ride. It’s definitely a good board for someone looking to progress in the park, especially since the contact points are slightly lifted, which helps the board be less catchy while learning but you don’t lose the stability and pop of the camber. This board is for someone who wants to learn how to snowboard without outgrowing the board. It’s a board that you could learn on, and continue learning on for years.”

Video filmed at Sunshine Village in Banff, Alberta. Filmed and edited by Samantha Deleo.


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