Rude Girls x Snowboard Magazine 2023 Board Test: Burton Good Company

Burton has taken a classic concept and applied it to their 2023 line with the new Good Company. The traditional camber board has a classic true twin shape that purists will love; there’s plenty of pop, edge hold, and easy turn initiation in this deck. The traditional shape and camber of the board is enhanced with 2023 Burton tech, which furthers the fun when strapping into the Good Company.

Rude Girl and Snowboard Mag contrib, Ally Watson, was impressed immediately, saying, “The Good Company is simple and easy to maneuver right out of the gates. Easy to press, butter, and spin. The Squeezebox technology, which mills out the core through the tip and tail, reduces swing weight to make spinning and pressing easy.”

The Burton Good Company has a classic ride that performs well in the park, but rips runs, too. Chelsea Dore commented, “I mean, riding a full camber snowboard on harder packed groomers is awesome. It handles so well. The Good Company is really powerful and responsive, carves hard and holds an edge like no other.”

“If someone is looking for a snowboard that will make them charge harder and make them go faster, the Good Company board is it for them!”
– Chelsea Dore, Rude Girls Shop

While the Good Company has a medium, not-too-stiff, not-too-soft flex, our testers felt that it’s camber profile and solid edge made it definitely a more aggressive board to ride that would be ideal for intermediate and advanced-level snowboarders.. Noted Delaney Cameron, “This would be a good board for an advanced/expert rider looking to excel everywhere on the mountain.”

Chelsea found the Good Company perfect for a more advanced rider in the park, too, saying, “This is 100% a board for someone who is ready to push their skills even further! This board would be unreal for someone wanting to better their jump game, and it would rip in the halfpipe, for sure!”

The Good Company comes in six sizes: 135, 145, 148, 152, 155, and 159. Find the board on


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