Shred Bots Present: The WKNDRS Start The Season in Whistler

Nothing like a Shred Bots edit of the WKNDRS to put a little pep in your step. In short, these guys make snowboarding look fun.

In this edit, the WKNDRS starts their season in Whistler, Canada, where they shake off their rust, and get their shredding legs back for the many adventures we know lie ahead for them. And by shaking off rust, we mean hitting massive log jibs, backflipping off side hips, and hot lapping jumps with flawless landings in the park. Stay tuned, and just imagine what we can expect from them in a month or two.

Riders: Darcy Sharpe, Mikey Ciccarelli, Tyler Nicholson, Craig McMorris, Connor Palahick, and Neko Reimer.

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