Soul turns: Josh Dirksen at Mt. Bachelor

Josh Dirksen knows how to turn. As simple as that sounds, turning on a snowboard is undoubtedly one of the most therapeutic, incredible feelings on this Earth. Never take it for granted, never think that it isn’t cool. Next time you hit your home mountain take after Josh: Try some butters, do some Euro carves, drag that hand over the corduroy. It might be the most fun you have all season.

See the full film gallery and recap of the Dirksen Derby right here.

From Salomon Snowboards via Vimeo:

Josh Dirksen is one of our favorite snowboarders of all time. The way he turns his snowboard is something most of us only see in our wildest dreams. With the 8th annual Dirksen Derby officially now in the books, we thought this would be the perfect time to share this video of Josh taking some turns at his home mountain, Mt. Bachelor. The Dirksen Derby also happens to be one of the best snowboard events of the year, and it’s all for a good cause. For more information visit –


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