Last week there was a pow day at Troll followed by cold temps and a brand new Take the Rake build and the early season rope laps were firing. Locals like Benny Milam, Ethan Deiss, Tommy Gesme, Tony Wagner, Emily O’Connor, and Peter Limberg were joined by Jed Anderson, Riley Nickerson, Iris Pham, Jeff Holce, Lauren Derminio, Freddy Perry, and more to session the Midwest oasis that is Valhalla. To say that the 2022-23 season is already underway would be an understatement, but before we get any new Human on Board videos, Troll has released The Departments, a twenty-minute video from last winter. Enjoy.

Featuring Mike Skiba, Kyle Kennedy, Grady Tank, Keegan Tank, Tony Wagner, Jake Antisdale, Matt Boudreaux, Nixon Johnson, Adam Mahler, Jericho Johnson, Adam Kaye, Bill Brandt, Bobby Shemon, Blake Geis, Jeffy Gabrick, Ben McCabe, Benny Milam, Calvin Green, Peter Limberg, Ethan Deiss, Hannah Peterson, and Collin Maynard.

Filmed and edited by Robbie Weides with additional filming by Ben McCabe.

From Trollhaugen:
The humans of #HumanOnBoard return to Trollhaugen for another season of impossibly fun boarding in Board Town, USA, but first, they bust open the gates of Valhalla with a look back at last year, and all of the unseen clips too good to be true. How do they do it? How do they clock in, clock out, build, board, repeat, and still have mind bending tricks up their sleeves? How does every department within Trollhaugen seem to board harder than any single boarder to have boarded before the boarders have been boarding? Kick back and watch “The Departments” a full length movie from the creators of Human On Board, and all of your questions will be answered.