Take the Rake 2022: Meet the Women Who Are Building This Park

Meet the women who built this year’s TTR Park at Trollhaugen.

Twenty women from all over the US came to Wisconsin to literally build on the success in the first Take the Rake in December 2021. Over the course of a week at Trollhaugen, this group learned new skills, collaborated, and created a terrain park built only by women. All season, these individuals wield rakes and drive snowcats to create and maintain some of the best parks in the world. From Mammoth to Mt. Hood, Brighton to Bear, Silver Star to Stevens Pass, Michigan to Maine, and of course, Trollhaugen, too–meet the diggers and operators who are grooming the way for more women to join the ranks of the park crew.

Click on the images below to learn more about each person. Follow them on Instagram. And if you see them, rake in hand, when you’re riding at their resorts, give them a thank you. They’ll be hyped.

DIGGERS: These builders wield the rakes and focus on hand building.

Laura Rogoski

Brighton Resort, Utah

“Having an idea, building it, riding it, reassessing it, making it better, riding it some more.”

Casey Solomon

Mountain High, California

“I’m eager to learn more about digging and shaping, as well as learning new skills like operating and welding.”

Emily O’Connor

Trollhaugen, Wisconsin

“Sitting down as a team brainstorming something creative, putting in hours of hard work to shape it, and then watching it come to life.”

Addi Strum

Timberline Lodge, Oregon

“Being able to share excitement, wisdom, and adventures with other human beings is what keeps me going.”

Nikki Lorentz

Silver Star, British Columbia

“Nothing in the Pantry has kept me going in this industry, helping grow the community and me as a person.”

Egan Wint

Brighton Resort, Utah

“My favorite thing is getting to build the park that I want to ride.”

Abby (Gail) Lewis

Timberline, Oregon

“There are so many different facets of this job that challenge me to be better and do better everyday.”

Natawnie Spellacy

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“I love the community surrounding park riding. It’s really cool to contribute to something so many people are passionate about.”

Haley Boucot

Woodward Park City, Utah

“Asking questions and being vocal is how you learn and everyone at some point was where you were, just beginning and learning how to do it.”

Monica Harris

Vail, Colorado

“Afton Alps, MN was like my day care all through grade school. That is where my passion for riding/building parks started.”

Sophie Billie

Sunday River, Maine

“I’m so grateful for this experience to be able to meet other women in the industry trying to do the same thing as me.”

Ava Peterson

Canonsburg Ski Area, Michigan

“Boarding makes me tick and keeps me motivated, because I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am, without it.”

Taylir Symons

Bogus Basin, Idaho

“I’m drawn to things that allow me to mix science and individual creativity while I get to work with my hands and enjoy the outdoors.”

Audrey Doan

Bear Mountain, California

“The urge to keep progressing my snowboarding skills is what keeps me going!”

OPERATORS: These builders drive the snowcats (and also have experience hand-building).

Chloe Butel

Sierra-at-Tahoe, California

“If you’re passionate about learning and care about your work, that will shine through regardless of your gender.”

Harmonee Johnson

Mammoth Unbound, California

“Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not capable of being just as successful as the next guy. Terrain parks are for women too.”

Jess Goucher

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“Park crew is family and that’s probably my favorite thing.”

Anny Vongsavanh

Woodward Tahoe, California

“If you’re intimidated, let your work and skills do the talking and you’ll end up on top! Chase your goals and ambitions, sis!”

Kryn Allen

Stevens Pass, Washington

“My experience at Stevens Pass keeps me motivated every season to work hard at helping create a special space for someone else to experience.”


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